COVID-19 Pandemic


National Geographic: The U.S. may soon have a third vaccine. Here's how it works

National Geographic: Pfizer vaccine results are promising, but lack of data ‘very concerning,’ experts say

National Geographic: WHO set to approve a COVID-19 vaccine by end of 2020—increasing hopes for equitable access

National Geographic: Moderna edges Pfizer in COVID-19 vaccine effectiveness—and refrigeration

Yahoo news: Experts warn against using hydrogen peroxide for respiratory infections

Talking Points Memo: Biden Administration Eyes Push To Clear Up Key Vaccine Bottleneck


FDA Modernization Act 2.0

NPR News: The FDA no longer requires all drugs to be tested on animals before human trials


Synthetically Lethal Nanoparticles that Treat Endometrial Cancer

Forbes: Hunter-Killer Nanoparticle Bullets Target Tumors While Bypassing Healthy Tissue

Iowa Now: UI researchers use nanoparticles to target, kill endometrial cancer in lab study

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Scientists aim at joint injuries that can trigger arthritis 


Microchip Pharmacies

'Microchip Pharmacies' (KCRG)

Dust Mite Vaccine

Dust Mite Vaccine (KCRG)

Dust Mite Vaccine Interview (I.P.R.)

Dust Mite Vaccine Developed (I.B.T.)

Vaccine for Dust Mite Allergy (B.S.)

Dust Mite Vaccine "in the works" (CTV News)

Dust Mite Allergies End In Cure (M.D.N.)

Creation of a Dust Mite Allergy Vaccine (T.N.A.)

Scientist Create Dust Mite Allergy Vaccine (N.M.H.)

'Nano Vaccine' (I09)

Vaccine Developed to Combat Allergies (G.L.V.)

Announced Creation of Dust Mite Vaccine (T.S.D.)

Work on Dust Mite Vaccine (R.I.)

Researchers Create Dust Mite Vaccine (I.N.)

Dust Mite Induced Asthma Attacks Vaccine (AAPS Blog)

Bone Regeneration Patch

Iowa researchers harness genetic code to heal human bones (BTN)

Regenerating Bones (KWWL)

"Biopatch" For Bone Growth (KCRG)

Utility of Biodegradable Particles (NYASM)

Growing Bone with Biopatch (UIowa Youtube)

Bone Regeneration Hope for Troops (T.W.T.)

Promise for Bone Regeneration (

Biopatch Grows Damaged or Missing Bone (F.N.N.)

Bone Grows Inside the Body (D.N.)

Regenerates from Within (N.W.N.)

Re-growing Bones (T.T.O.I.)

Groundbreaking "Biopatch" (Examiner)

Scientists Create 'Biopatch' (D.T.)

Patch Restores Bones (M.D.)

New "Patch" Re-grows Bones (F.C.)

Biopatch Grows Bones for Dental Implant (K.N.)

Biopatch Developed Can Repair Bones (H.G.N.)

Iowa's Biopatch Regenerates Bone (O.T.W.)

Nueva Técnica Para Regenerar Hueso (N.C.Y.T.)

A Patch Can Regrow Bone (I.N.)


Iowa Now: UI faculty tout benefits of working with media to promote research

MRS Bulletin: Al2O3 nanowires improve vaccine immune response, reduce production costs

Split: research efforts and their connection to economic development (Gazette)

Center for Biocatalysis and Bioprocessing (CBB)

Changing the World Because of Your Support (Youtube)

Selected Papers in Nanotoxicology (C.R.T.)

The Future of Vaccine Delivery (AAPS Blog)

Lymphoma Research Grant Awarded to UI (I.N.)

Polymers Break New Ground (C.E.N.)

Prime-Boost Vaccine For Prostate Cancer (T.G.)

Teaching Award-Winner Encourages Active Learning (I.N.)

 Undergrads present at SURC in 2010

 ASGCT News and Summary of Conference in 2010

Buckyball-based Gene Delivery (R.S.C.)

What Makes Scientists Tick (T.S.)

 Professor Receives Grant Press Release

New Anti-Tumor Vaccine Effectively Delivered in Mice (M.N.T.)

Silicate Promote Transgene Expression (

Researcher Uses Grant for Melanoma Research (UI News)

Researchers Aim to Develop Cancer Vaccines (UI News)

Grant to Develop Enhanced Prostate Cancer Vaccine (UI News)

Grant Helps Buy Hi-Res. Microscope (UI News)

Grants Awarded To Teams in UI Colleges (UI News)

Seed Grant to Determine Cytotoxicity of Nanoparticles (CHEECH)

 Drug Discovery and Development

Researcher Receives Grants (UI News)

 NCI Nanorod Vaccines

Cellular Target Practice (Nature)

 Bullets for Cells

Nanorods Line Up For Gene Delivery (

 Nanotoday - Nanorods For Gene Delivery

 Scaffold Delivered Through a Needle