Welcome to The Home Page for The Salem Laboratory of Advanced Drug and Gene Delivery. Dr. Salem's research interests are primarily focused on self-assembling systems, the rational design of novel drug and gene delivery systems and on the development of vaccines that stimulate potent antigen-specific immune responses.  Dr Salem's laboratory applies microfabrication techniques to develop novel drug and gene delivery devices and to optimize control over polymer-cell interactions. The group is currently exploring the synergistic application of polymer particle technology,  CpG oligonucleotides, adenoviruses and heat shock protein therapy for generating sustained stronger immune responses against tumors. The group is also working on new materials based methods and approaches for enhancing tissue regeneration.


Selected Publication Highlights:

R. Smith†, E.I. Wafa†, S.M. Geary†, K. Ebeid, S.O. Alhaj-Suliman, A.K. Salem. Cationic nanoparticles enhance T-cell tumor infiltration and antitumor immune response to a melanoma vaccine. Science Advances. 2022. 

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B. Khorsand, N. Nicholson, A. Do, J.E. Femino, J.A. Martin, E. Petersen, B. Guetschow, D.C. Fredericks, A.K. Salem. Regeneration of bone using synergistic FGF2 and BMP2 gene delivery in a diaphyseal long bone radial defect diabetic rabbit model. Journal of Controlled Release. 2017. 

K.K. Ahmed, S.M. Geary, and A.K. Salem. Surface engineering tumor cells with adjuvant-loaded particles for use as cancer vaccines. Journal of Controlled Release. 2017. 

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